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He leads the Center's work on a range of national criminal justice reform initiatives, including the Mac Arthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge.

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Advancing the Science and Practice of Risk Assessment’ (book chapter, Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

He was previously the director of the Red Hook Community Justice Center and led the planning and rollout of Brooklyn Justice Initiatives.

Individuals with disabilities may be one of the highest-risk adult populations for sexual assault and victimization in the U. Researchers spoke to survivors and service providers to study help-seeking patterns and criminal justice response and found that few, if any, providers are knowledgeable in both sexual assault and disability.

Read The Many Challenges Facing Sexual Assault Survivors With Disabilities . Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) hold the promise of improving victim experiences, increasing prosecution rates, and reducing the prevalence of sexual assault. Contraband cellphones are a significant problem facing corrections administrators today.

Request a Prevention Speaker Request a Survivor Speaker Community Education and Prevention School Programs Survivor Speakers Bureau Teen Advisory Council Up Root Trained educators are available to train and educate health-care professionals, law enforcement officials, members of the clergy and other faith-based leaders, community organizations, corporations, and professional associations on the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault.

If you are interested in scheduling a training seminar for your group or workplace, please contact the Prevention Education Department at HAVEN by calling 248-334-1284, ext. Back to top A large part of the prevention strategy at HAVEN is focused on our partnerships with area schools.Questions about the training calendar should be directed to Rebecca Swofford, Training Specialist, at [email protected] and federal prisons have long provided programming to inmates during their confinement.Our training calendar reflects the broad diversity of our audience.We focus on issues that pertain to preventing domestic violence and supporting survivors.The Gender Respect Program explores the messages that students have learned about gender while also examining the ways that these messages can contribute to gender disrespect or the sexual harassment of their peers.


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