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SOVEREIGN INDIAN: This is the Chicken's inherent right as he is indigenous to this land!!! REPUBLICAN INDIAN: It's true that that white man built those roads for us. We will always be chickens until we learn to build those roads ourselves -- for profit.

MILITANT INDIAN: That chicken should block the road, not cross the road!!! We must cross the roads that the white man built for us. I don't know why you Indians are always complaining. DEMOCRATIC INDIAN: The chicken crossed the road because it didn't have enough funding.

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The company has been collecting donations and wiring them directly to the victims who appear in the documentary.

Should you be interested in helping, you can contact the producers of the film at [email protected] further information.

GRASSROOT INDIAN: If the darn chickens need to get across the road, let 'em cross the darn road! TRADITIONAL INDIAN: Those chiggens weren't traditional because they were supposed to be on it - not crossing it!

COLONIZED INDIAN: Chiggens should never cross the roads that white men built before the great white father crosses it first. INDIAN GRANDPA: I think it was runnin' away from rezidential school.

Sycamore Ave., Suite 110, with the conditional use permit (3804-2015) approved Dec.

2, 2015.» Approved a new 2015-16 retail malt beverage license for PRG SF East LLC, Marco’s Pizza, 3220 S. If you have reached this point, you must really value what we produce and read us a lot.If you are a subscriber, simply log in for unlimited access.5, 2016.» Renewed a 2016 package liquor license for Walmart Stores Inc., Walmart Supercenter, 5200 W. 60th Street N.» Approved a new 2016 retail wine license for PRG SF East LLC, Marco’s Pizza, 3220 S. Dear FRONTLINE, It is with mixed reaction that I write this note. The producers had the courage to research and chase something that was awful and dangerous and vitally important to share with the world.

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