Free voyeurchat - Album art not updating on iphone

If you buy music from i Tunes, then it comes complete with album art (along with accurate track listing information).However, if you import albums from CDs then it doesn’t always come with album art.This step-by-step guide will walk you through this process.

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Apple’s i Tunes remains one of the main ways we access music on our Mac.

It’s great for playing all this music tracks we’ve collected over the years.

If necessary, select tracks you don't want to change and choose Edit Delete.

If you're using a Windows PC then Album Art Downloader is a good alternative that works in a similar way to Album Artwork Assistant.

I'm using the desktop app and after a few songs worth of listening I find that the album art will get stuck on a song that I have listened to and will not update as new songs are played.

I have also experienced the time bar along the bottom freezing but the music carrying on as normal.

You can also manually add artwork by searching the Album Art website and right-clicking and saving the artwork you found.

Then, in i Tunes right-click on the song or album that's missing the artwork and selecting "Get Info".

If the album's title is too generic, you may need to tweak your search terms (try adding the artist name).

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