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The comprehensive study analysed the online dating interactions of more than 41,000 Australians aged between 18-80, with the findings now published by leading international journal .

Their research is the largest ever behavioural economic analysis of Australian online dating behaviour, with this body of work reviewing 219,013 participant contacts by 41,936 members of online dating website RSVP during a four-month period in 2016.

Members only see intersection of what they are looking for and what other members are looking for. Free messaging and status posting for undergraduates (5 messages/day limit).

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From internet dating profiles to Native American folktales, this volume offers the first broadly-accessible synthesis of the state of the art in deception research from across the social, natural and computational sciences, as well as the humanities.

This edited volume includes chapters on evolutionary biology and military strategy, as well as public policy and social psychology.

If you’re new to Internet dating, don’t simply pick an online dating service at random and start typing and clicking buttons frantically.

Online dating experts understand how to maximize a person's chance of succeeding in the online virtual dating world.

As the essays make clear, deception touches virtually every aspect of our lives: in fact, recent psychological research suggests that we each tell at least two to three lies per day.

Throughout the animal kingdom, survival and reproduction depend upon successful deceptions.

Deception is a particularly timely and insightful work: its scope and subject make it compelling reading for general-interest readers, as well as for scholarly communities.

As a result, about 20 percent of current romantic relationships turn out to have started online.

But while deception has captured the interest of philosophers, scientists, warriors, and artists over thousands of years, our knowledge of the subject is limited.

At the same time, new technologies have made deception more commonplace, more dangerous, and more difficult to detect than ever.

Each person’s profile contained information about their gender, age, location, body type, occupation, marriage and children status and so on.


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