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If my goofy, loving and caring father wasn't faithful, then surely nothing would be different once I started dating.I made the conscious decision to never trust anyone, without even giving them a chance. I thought this would help me be more realistic in the long run, but my “new age” perspective on love turned out to be even more romanticized than the traditional version. I thought if two people wanted to be committed to each other, they could do it without a title. To me, titles were mostly used to tell other potential courters that this person was off limits.However, researchers still say the benefits of online dating outweigh the drawbacks.

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I recently read an article called, “6 reasons why Tinder has failed us,” and it enlightened me to this idea of “the paradox of choice.”That term, essentially, is this concept that having too many options is leaving us with no options at all. We are the result of failed marriages and broken homes, so it should come as to no surprise that we created this culture of casual sex and almost-relationships. It's scary to think that as a child, I wanted nothing more than to become a submissive wife and mother, only to grow up 10 years later warding off any notions of marriage or a family.

This idea intrigued me because, as someone who has only started dating a little over a year ago, all I know is the hook-up culture. Although I had my grandparents as role models that you actually can marry your first love, I had everyone else – including my own parents – prove otherwise.

"Online dating is very popular but the sheer popularity of it is creating some issues," said Catalina Toma, assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US.

"Sifting through choices is potentially problematic in that it can create the perception that the grass is always greener," said Toma.

They found that a week after making their selection, online daters who chose from a large set of 24 potential partners were less satisfied with their choice than those who selected from a small set of six people, and were more likely to change their selection.

Those who selected from a large pool and had the ability to reverse their choice were the least satisfied with their selected partner after one week.Jonathan D'Angelo, doctoral candidate in Communication Science, and Catalina Toma, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Arts, recently had their findings published in the print edition of Media Psychology."Online dating is very popular but the sheer popularity of it is creating some issues," Toma says."There can be more regret when they know there are other options," said Jonathan D'Angelo, doctoral candidate at University of Wisconsin-Madison.Researchers said that having more choices allows people to think about the merits of the discarded choices which, in turn, leads to lower satisfaction. "When the cost of the investment of meeting someone is really low and there are tonnes of options you'll explore those options," Toma said. Our generation's views on relationships and love are the outcome of being exposed to so much infidelity, divorce and remarriage that “true love” has become a myth only seen in fairytales and rom-coms.


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