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In part, that's because a law enacted last year eliminated the decades-old "single-holder" rule.That rule required borrowers who had all their federal student loans with one lender and wanted to consolidate to use that lender. Smaller lenders are eager to lure student loans from the major players, Walker says.However, if you borrowed using the Federal Direct Loan program, you cannot use federal consolidation to merge your debt with your spouse’s.

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Loan discounts that kick in when you start making payments are most valuable.

The longer you have to wait to qualify, the less a discount will be worth.

The total amount of student debt is currently at $1.31 trillion.

This reliance on student loans is largely due to college costs that outpace inflation.

The average college graduate takes on $40,000 of debt and 43% of graduated students in debt are either behind on their payments or simply not making them.

However, this debt usually is not coming from one loan and is rather coming from several loans that can vary in interest rate and payments. Consolidating your student loans is the process of combing all of your student loans into a single, larger loan, potentially with a new lender.

In addition, lenders will have to work harder this year to convince borrowers that they should consolidate their loans.

In the past, consolidation let borrowers lock in interest rates for the life of their loans, avoiding future increases.

This can mean significant savings for a spouse with a low credit score.

If there is an income disparity between spouses, then this can be an obstacle when it comes to your tax filing status.

College borrowers frequently have several loans held by more than one lender, with varying rates on each loan.


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