Email address not updating in updating curve os

Note: Your email address is not displayed in your public profile on Twitter.

And that's it - no further updates are made to this information, unless you manually edit it.

For example in the AD there is user with You add John to a Sharepoint site and in the User Information List is added the information above.

Hi, I currently have an account created through facebook.

I updated my facebook email to the new one I'm using about 5-6 hours ago, and have seen not seen this change reflected in my Spotify account.

Spent the last 20 mins with customer support trying to figure this out. :)The email address an invoice is sent to is 'fixed' at the time the invoice is created. Ask me to send all invoices to this address from now on.3.) I delete old email address in client info, enter new address and save it. Anyway, if you have this issue, and have clients (like me) who need several reminders before they pay their bills, try to keep track (somehow) of who's email address has changed in recent months, and work out if the invoice you're re-sending was created before or after this change.

So, here's the scenario I've encountered:1.) create invoice. re-send invoices as a batch.4.) receive no reply, eventually speak to client who asks me again to re-send emails to new address they've already given to me weeks ago.5.) I go back to client info, where it clearly already shows the new address. Then remember to manually update the email address each time before sending.

These instructions will help you navigate that process.

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In the email we send, clicking the Confirm now button lets us know the email address is yours.


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