Prevents avg from updating

There are plenty of other free antivirus programs, from experience I can say that AVG never installs Windows updates behind your back.

If you think your brother is changing your settings, then maybe give him a non-admin account (or at least configure UAC to ask for a password before elevating a process).

The computer is freezing on a file called AVGIDSEH. Hello all,please check this thread at AVG Free Forums, which is very probably related with described situation.

prevents avg from updating-54

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Whilst we wait on AVG getting back to us with news on this issue we have been resolving these incidents by booting the computers in to Safe Mode, un-installing AVG completely, then booting back into Windows in normal mode before reinstalling AVG.

This is not the first time Anti-Virus programs have caused catastrophic issues with Windows PCs.

Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences caused by this situation.

Thank you Hello tmarcelo,if you have followed our FAQ and How-to article properly, there should not be any AVG process involved in Windows startup procedure.

In April 2010 a Mc Afee pushed out an update that caused a false positive identification, and incorrect deletion, of the critical Windows system file

Edinburgh based IT Support Technician Ryan Morrison said: “I’ve been dealing with a few cases this morning and yesterday afternoon where the computer just fails to boot.

It is possible to disable system tray notifications produced by the AVG Anti Virus Free application if you no longer want to see pop-up messages on your screen.

Although AVG's notifications can provide you with useful alerts, such as threat removal notifications, these pop-ups can be distracting when you are using other applications.

Disable all of AVG's system tray notifications from the Appearance page in the program's Advanced Settings dialog.


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