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The mentorship program is connected to several courses in the educational program, with varying focus and challenges, with the common feature that they all focus on applying acquired knowledge on real life challenges.

According to Mattias Arvola, originator of the Company Mentor Program, there are several gains for students who join the program: During the spring of 2016, the students will spend almost all their time in the course “Applied Cognitive Science”, where they will get the chance to try out practical work in the different phases of the User Centered Design process.

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Usability speed dating

Speed dating is typically used at early stages of development to rapidly screen visual ideas and storyboards rather than more developed prototypes.

A typical speed dating process may include: Contextual research in field, using interviews, role playing, artefact analysis, directed storytelling, diary studies and cultural probes to understand potential users and identify opportunity areas where people have articulated a need.

Linn, Ellen, Rikard, Elin and Alice are all in their second year of the Cognitive Science Educational program and have chosen to enter the Company Mentorship Program.

When I meet up with them on a cold and sunny January day in Linköping, they explain that Visma was the first hand choice for all of them during the matchmaking event.

The concept of speed dating is well known, and in design and research the same idea is applied to comparing multiple design concepts or ideas in rapid succession.

This gives researchers the opportunity for quick feedback and also to collect more general information on usage context, societal and environmental issues.

Reflection and discussion to identify misunderstandings and to refine and improve ideas as well as identify any new potential opportunities.

Simulation of usage occasions and environments to allow users to role play different scenarios and allow researchers to understand the use of ideas to solve specific problems in specific real-life contexts.

emotional reaction to the characters and help participants identify with them, focusing on specific scenarios identified in contextual research.

Speed dating of storyboards in rapid succession followed by a focused question to elicit the reactions of target users, leading to a ranking of the different options in terms of how closely they match the needs of users and how effective they might be in addressing the needs.

A sketch (ultimately from Greek ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿ schedios, "done extempore") is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work.

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