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She prefers to remain an enigma; an elfin rave avatar whose life story remains relatively undiscussed.“I got irritated with people asking us the same questions,” she says. ’ Journalists wanted to slay us, tried to cut us down, and I just started caring less and less about doing interviews.

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“But people were paying $250 just to get into the concert,” he said.

Time and again Yolandi Visser is asked whether she has a boyfriend or not?

A student at the time, the 19-year-old du Toit would regularly stay on Laubscher’s farm, introducing her boyfriend Jones to the The Glue Gang Boys, with the pair striking up a friendship with member Wanga Jack and taking the teen under their wing. That’s not on.”“[Jones] used to come here and talk to us about our past and where we come from,” said one member.

But according to Laubscher, their friendship wasn’t so wholesome. “I’ve been to prison twice, and in prison you learn this language and there are these [tattoos]…he was obviously looking for this kind of image for himself.”In the report, members of The Glue Gang Boys allege that Die Antwoord would severely underpay them for their services as backup dancers for Die Antwoord’s live shows, as well as appearances on songs and in videos for them, with member Wanga Jack being particularly vocal.“First we were dancers for him.

Yo-landi Visser appears in the piano bar of an old-school west Hollywood hotel, looking like an albino gangster from another dimension.

Wearing a sweater bearing the legend ‘BO$$’ in large green letters across the front, the Die Antwoord frontwoman perches on a leather armchair and orders coffee and fresh fruit.

The actress is neither divorced nor does she have any boyfriend in her life.

She believes having an affair and dating the person is total waste of time and harm of her career.

“Waddy Jones sucked the whole of Die Antwoord out of these boys here on this farm,” he said. And then I became a DJ…And then suddenly I wrote a song with them,” said Jack.

He was paid SA0 to perform at a Die Antwoord gig, boosted to 0 after complaining to the band.

She is thought to have no affair these days and neither is she dating anyone, but plenty of her fans are curious to see her in a relationship and get married someday.


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