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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- They suck you in by telling you they have the perfect match for you but they can't give you any information on them until they get cleared i.e. I'm an active person and stated I wanted an active person to hike with and they set me up with someone that must have weighed in at over 300lbs and told me that they got winded walking to the mailbox 2 blocks away. Well, I was embarrassed to meet someone who was chubby/fat and on top of that had also some mental issues.

And when you get a match it's not a person anything like what you asked for. Sure they will give you the number of matches during the right amount of time just so they don't have to give you your money back. That contract was over 3 years, and it stated that I would get 10 contacts/dates of ladies who would well suit me, because of their high quality Dating Consultants.

Are you in the market for a serious relationship or do you want to just check out what you may be missing?

As an Atlanta native, I make sure our entire staff – me included – stays current (like up-to-the-minute current) and immersed in our city's culture.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITYIf you genuinely want to find the best person to date, get serious, or get busy (not necessarily in that order) – then it is best to choose a highly customized service.

Based on that search, members may order one-page extended biographies for $3.10 each.

The “trouble” with online dating sites may have to do with how they are approached.

Scott Valdez, the president of a service called Virtual Dating Assistants that allows busy professionals to outsource online dating, and other professionals in the industry concur that each site has a different appeal (i.e.

certain sites will attract different kinds of potential mates).

People who are paying -60 (or more) per month for sites (for example, e Harmony) are simply more serious about arranging a date offline.

We interviewed one of the most respected – and engaging – names in the industry, One on One Matchmaking President Sarah Kathryn Smith, who explained, "If you're okay with quantity over quality, then online dating is for you.

You can also search the web for "The Right One", "KAM Management", "e Love", etc. Unfortunately I trusted that without doing any web search and I've paid for their services after signing a contract. All the great and positive reviews are simply a setup.

Maybe they changed their contracts as well, thus it will be even harder for you to fight at the court to get your money back. A company that pretended to provide dating services of high quality, for which of course you had to pay.

Research and personal success stories suggest that many quality individuals subscribe to these sites and it is very possible to find your life partner in cyberspace. However, online dating can also be a nightmare if you do not chose the right site (or sites) to help you achieve your relationship objectives.


  1. I mean, sure, there are some things that are different about dating someone who isn’t your age, but for the most part it’s really not that big of a deal. The most common reaction to the age difference is total shock, followed by the question “But how did you meet? Sometimes when you’re with him and all of his friends, you might feel a little out of place. You learn that people are rude enough to ask questions like, “But why would you date someone younger than you?

  2. I shouldn't need to go back but I need to plan for this if I do.

  3. Options backdating is the practice of altering the date a stock option was granted, to a usually earlier (but sometimes later) date at which the underlying stock price was lower.

  4. The site and app give you complete control over your dating journey, allowing you to create a profile that truly shows what matters most to you.

  5. There are even apps that provide the ability to create events and invite friends or identify Read More After 37 years of a successful artistic career, Lucero delights us with his new album 'Enamorada con Banda'.

  6. Luckily, you won’t have to flounder around in the dark any longer.

  7. Not all websites implement our on-site analytics and publish the results.

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