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Now that he has fans in all age levels from the teens to the 50s, Gong Yoo appears as nineteen-year-old Kang Kyeongjoon soon.

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Namun, seiring bertambahnya usia, aktor berusia 37 tahun ini sudah tak lagi memusingkan soal target menikah.

Ia memilih untuk menjalani hari-harinya tanpa beban.

Ngày 24/10, đại diện công ty quản lý của Gong Yoo cho biết: "Gần đây, có nhiều tin đồn về việc Gong Yoo và Lim Soo Jung làm đám cưới bí mật lan truyền trên các trang web.

Trong khi đó, người trong cuộc – Gong Yoo – lập tức lên tiếng về những tin đồn thất thiệt xung quanh đám cưới của anh.

Saat ini Gong Yoo juga belum memiliki seorang kekasih.

Sebelumnya ia pernah menjalani hubungan asmara dengan seorang artis cantik bernama Im Soo Jung.

Kim Shin adalah goblin yang telah hidup selama ratusan tahun.

Selama itu pula ia berkelana mencari pengantin wanita yang bisa membuatnya mati dengan tenang.

You also don't need to venture into daring, bordering on nudity love scenes to prove you can act. Gong Yoo easily passed as a 20-year old student although he was 26 then. His reactions to his interviews reflect to the kind of person he is. I'm a little cynical about people in the entertainment industry because I feel like I'm being manipulated when they turn on the charm faucet, but I like the way he talks in interviews. Gong Yoo, but I would like to say that you do what your heart desires. He is so adorable in popular drama 'coffee prince' , makes him halluyu star. before this i did not watching any korean [email protected] n nowdays it make me addict to watch it. ..i'm falling in love to BIG korean 1st korean drama..watching gong yoo in that drama it makes me so heaven!! Gong Yoo I am big fan of you, and very nice to send the comment. I see both of you was acting too much, but not pseudade to the customers for any words.


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