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‘I come from a long line of warriors,’ says Tori Amos.

‘My great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee who survived the Trail Of Tears in 1830, when thousands of Native Americans were being ethnically cleansed from the southern states.

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‘I don’t see the piano as a polite, passive instrument,’ she says.

‘You can take what Prince, Jimi Hendrix and Robert Plant were doing and contain that energy on a piano.

Obviously a great song but also more than that it evokes great memories, and isn't that really how you measure a song on a personal scale? hanging out with my buds, smokin' weed and listening to Led Zeppelin II over and over again.

I may have only been 14 at the time but at that moment I felt much older than my years. Strangely nobody seemed to remember that Duran Duran did a cover of this song in their album "Thank you" ... Zep's version definitely timeless, Duran Duran did a good cover to pay tribute to this wonderful song. Strangely enough, this song makes me think of Corrie Ten Boom, a middle-aged woman who became a leader in the Dutch Underground during World War II.

She saved many people from death and was imprisoned in a concentration camp because of her work. Jimmy Page is just the most sexiest thing ever, Y'all can have your Brad Pitts of the world.

She never married and for some reason, I imagine this song is dedicated to her. Brad Pitt can't play music that makes you feel 10 different emotions in one song.At just 5, the child prodigy landed a scholarship to attend a top music conservatory, the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University, on the weekends, but she was kicked out at age 11 for acting out when her teachers refused to treat seriously music other than the classics, specifically The Beatles.In the years thereafter, Amos began writing her own music, and her father took her, at age 13, to find a job performing at a piano bar.If you know of someone we missed and, please do let us know and we'll add the name if we can document the visit.In all the hubbub around here, word sometimes doesn't get to the web staff to post. And there are piano stools to be ridden.' " It has been 25 years since Amos — who, in her own words, sings "like a fairy on crack" — burst onto the scene with her first solo album, , which went platinum, selling more than 2 million copies worldwide.


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