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The only research-validated model of instruction currently available for teaching English learners, the SIOP Model is applicable across content areas and is now being implemented at all levels of education from Pre-K to community colleges and universities.

The new edition provides specific applications of the SIOP to the Common Core and other state standards and includes a Reflect and Apply e Text feature in which readers explain their rating of teachers’ lessons, Teaching with Technology vignettes that describe how to infuse technology into many different SIOP lessons, and new video links inserted throughout to illustrate chapter topics and discussion points.

The SIOP Model improves teaching effectiveness and results in academic gains for students.

The SIOP Model, developed by the authors over 15 years ago, offers teachers a comprehensive, well-articulated model of instruction for planning and implementing lessons that helps educators a) provide English learners and other students with access to grade-level content standards, b) develop the students’ academic English skills, and c) prepare students to be college and career ready.

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The pluralist approach adopted by our school is very much in sync with the Prism Model, which holds that the process of second language acquisition has four main interdependent components: sociocultural, linguistic, academic, and cognitive processes (p. According to Thomas and Collier (1997), the sociocultural component is at the heart of the Prism Model and it’s central to the individual student’s acquisition of language.

Teachers call on a number of different instruction methods such as the use of socialization practices to allow the content to be more accessible.

The differences between ESL instruction and the use of sheltered instruction or SDAIE is that sheltered instruction does not focus entirely on language development; instead, through various other topics or actual content material in the curriculum, English proficiency is achieved.

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This method type is often used in mainstream secondary classrooms where the students have a foundation of English education.

A variety of instruction is used including the theories of Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development.

Colorín Colorado is a website serving educators and families of English language learners (ELLs) in Grades Pre K-12.


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