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Verizon sent me a troubling note saying it’s getting out of the e-mail business and wants me to move to AOL.

Verizon’s notice is reasonably clear about outlining the two options: have your mail moved to AOL and keep your address or “try another provider” and lose the address.

But I suspect many people are not used to the idea of one mail service letting you use a different company’s address. It's a Verizon property, having been bought in 2015.

All Internet communications are based on IP address, which are a unique fingerprint for every PC at the time of communication.

IP address blocks can be mapped to general geographic locations, what you see on this site is a visual representation of this mapping.

To perform a search based on specific criteria; simply click the 'Search' button and enter the criteria to be searched.

Once you have input the search criteria click the search button to perform the search.

How am I supposed to notify everybody of my new address in 30 days? The New York-based telecommunications giant’s impending shutdown of its own e-mail service and proposed migration of those users to AOL’s system has many recipients of an “Important notice regarding your email service” e-mail worried they’ll have to change addresses.


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