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Good to keep in mind based on who you're interested in! That gives you enough room to diversify without entering photo overload territory.

First, consider opening with a few clear face shots where you're not far away, wearing sunglasses, or doing anything else that makes it hard for someone to see what you look like. "People sometimes think if you don't post one, you're trying to hide something," she says.

Have the remote already in your car and use it to turn on the movie. Commented I was thirsty and pointing to the ocean, my date said, "there's lots of water," making memorable picture opportunity. The more fun the photos, the more enjoyable they will be to look back upon.

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Pull your car into the garage (if it isn't already there) and make sure you can view the TV great from both seats.

Now hook up speakers, making sure each is perfectly aligned with both car windows so that the sound will come right into the windows when playing. To really go out, rent an old-fashioned popcorn machine and set it up in the garage along with candy (make sure your partner's favorite is there) and some pop.

Dating is a lot of fun, but sometimes it's challenging to break the routine of "dinner and a movie".

I've had a lot of fun, in my dating experiences, trying to think of new creative date ideas that my date would never forget and I'm glad to be able to share some of those with you.

We all have busy lives, especially those of us who work in uniform.

That’s why Uniform Dating is here, to guide you through the world of online dating and help you find your hero.

Now call your date and tell her (or him) that you are going to take her to see to see a drive in movie.

Pick her up at her house and drive her to your house. Park, shut off the engine, the close the garage door.

So if you're looking for some creative date ideas to spice up your dating life, here are a few great unique dating concepts I've done: Creative Date Idea #1: Drive in Movie with a Twist Move your TV and pedestal into your garage.

Set it up with a VHS or DVD player and insert your partner's favorite movie into the player.

"There's a difference between how men and women usually view profiles," says Davis, who frequently looks over potential matches with single people.

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