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Her voice is girlish and chipper, and at 28, Phillips still looks weirdly like a teenager. He's lounging on a big chair in the dimly-lit lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel, where he hosted a live jazz party at the hotel club, Teddy's, the night before."Every guy at the table was flirting with me but Danny. I was like, who is this Danny Masterson and what does he think he's doing? The first time he met Phillips, he tells me, was at a party he threw in Sunset Plaza.

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Stars couple up with each other constantly (Tom Kat, Brangelina, Ellen and Portia, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, et al.) in a quest to find a partner to tackle the public tumult of Tinseltown.

Who else but another celebrity can relate to the drama of navigating Los Angeles' paparazzi traps or being busted by Perez Hilton looking "shiteous"?

The woman claimed she woke up during the assault, but Masterson choked her and she passed out again.

The investigation was reportedly closed after police interviewed witnesses, who contradicted her account.

Danny and Bijou fell in love four years ago, at a celebrity-packed poker tournament in Las Vegas, where they were seated next to each other at the card table (Masterson is a hardcore poker player).

"I was asking him for advice," Phillips remembers, over lunch at the The Waffle on Sunset Boulevard. It's the way it should be." Masterson and Phillips didn't want to be interviewed together, so I meet Masterson two days later.

"I think we both had to go through a lot in our lives to become the people who we were…" But through it all, they'd kept in touch...through AIM: And then we ran into each other at a party, at an award show.

So I see this guy, and I see his back, and he's really tall [Kutcher is 6'2; Kunis is 5'4], and I was like who's that tall guy?

According to the report, the women decided to come forward after watching Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath TV series, in which the actress, who is no longer a Scientologist, spoke out about similar incidents.

Remini also reportedly encouraged the women to come forward with their allegations. I met with Detective Reyes, and I told her these victims deserve to be heard,” Remini told the website.

Flying just below the radar of the super-duper famous, Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips are nonetheless the epitome of the Hollywood power couple.


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  9. Her voice is girlish and chipper, and at 28, Phillips still looks weirdly like a teenager. He's lounging on a big chair in the dimly-lit lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel, where he hosted a live jazz party at the hotel club, Teddy's, the night before.

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