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LUDHIANA: The Punjab Police on Tuesday denied the arrest of Rakhi Sawant following an arrest warrant issued by a court here.

But a spokesperson for the TV and Bollywood actress said she has surrendered. She has surrendered," spokesperson Parul Chawla told IANS on telephone from Mumbai, claiming she had a Whatsapp conversation with the controversial actress.

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A man raped five women after meeting them on dating site, a court has heard.

Jason Lawrance, 50, is also accused of attempting to rape a sixth woman and sexually assaulting a seventh.

The coins dating back to year 1904-1919 with images of King George were found near banks of the Banganga river in Bharatpur’s Bhusawar.

Earlier on May 18, few 19th century silver coins were found during digging of a plot in village Kavtara in Jalore's Bheenmal sub-division in Jodhpur.

They are like tiny chipmunks that need to be taken care off. I'm only trying to say that they are so cute that you want to be careful around them.

But don’t ever think that they are dependent on you because their confidence level will give you a run for your money.

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Dating a short girl can be quite hectic, but in a good way.

After the woman drove to meet him, it is alleged that he drove her in his white van to a remote place where he tried to convince her to go into the back of the vehicle where he had installed bunk beds.

The court heard that the woman was reluctant but eventually agreed and that: "matters deteriorated very badly indeed." The prosecutor told the court that Lawrance then: "insisted that she got into the back of the van and lay on the bottom bed and, frightened for her safety, she eventually did as he asked.

Lawrance allegedly raped one woman at her home in Buxton after they met through the website in November 2013.

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