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The judges, and if you beg to differ, please do, got it wrong on both counts.

The best part is you can hear the producers saying, “Uh, could you just tell me your name and age? The next viewer question asks whether anybody was upset about something that was said about them on the show. A viewer asks the judges what they thought the single worst design was, which is pretty rough.

It’s kind of ironic that Carmen instantly piped up to say how hurt she was that it didn’t even seem as though she was missed after she was eliminated, because I had to go back to my first recap to look her name up before I could even write this paragraph. While they tactfully don’t answer, they do say that the challenge with the poorest results was the menswear challenge.

wakeup call from Tim Gunn, traumatizing Kit when she was caught fresh out of bed with no bra on. The designers were given five minutes to grab anything in the store to produce a garment of their choice.

The products ranged from actual candy to stuffed animals and pillows.

The Budget was $8000 and five months to put it together. After 3 and half months Tim studio is a typical tiny New York apartment – the bed has to be put away each day. He was using human hair on one of his jacket “I think my gag reflex is kicking in.” I loved the monkey house analogy from Tim , and Nina Garcia.

Some of his outfits bemused Tim and he said “It’s a lot of look.” Jillian Lewis was next she had left her job at Ralph Lauren to concentrate getting her show together. Michael said “It is a little creepy to wear human hair, but you thought outside of the box.” and “the girls look over designed.” Heidi said “Very creative.” Heidi did look a bit like Oliva Newton John tonight.

Fun – one night on the town only -- then back to the dress-up box. High marks went to Terri for her backless dress-over-pants ensemble inspired by walls of posters and graffiti. Holla’ at your boy.” Other notes• Blayne’s dress is clowny• Jerell’s sort of Rami-ish (remember Rami?

Bernhard pointed out, not many girls could wear it. Bernhard called it “fierce, sexy and in control." It was spicy but also evoked a Baby Phat/Kimora Lee Simmons vibe. And finally, him teaching Tim a new phrase, “Holla at your boy.” Intrigued and amused, Tim bids adieu to the group in a new way. ) • Joe’s stunning• Stella’s total and complete Stella.

Er, anyone ever heard of Donna Karan, who each season pays homage to the concrete, glass, steel, graffiti and electricity of New York?

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