Mini bag plus expiration dating

MPR reported that the affected products are: 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, 50m L VIAFLEX plastic container, with Lot #P319921 and 12/31/15 expiration date; and 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, 100m L, MINI-BAG plus container, with Lot #P327635 and 12/30/15 expiration date. A mix of feature articles and current new stories that are critical to staying up-to-date on the industry, delivered to your inbox.

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The extent and severity of harm depends on the size, number, and composition of the foreign material, and the patient's underlying medical condition.

I have several boxes that are a year past the expiration date.

Dear Lenny, I really appreciate the convenience, value, low-impact packaging and unbreakability of boxed wines, and there are some tasty options out there.

I’m concerned about box wine with a plastic bladder in a box. Does it have an expiration date because chemicals from the plastic might seep into the wine after a certain period of time?

My question is, is the wine safe to drink past the expiration date?

They provide us the special value that we bring to the bedside.

No other health professional is capable of bringing to the pharmacotherapeutic decision-making table such concepts as p H, particle size, partition coefficient, protein binding, structure-activity relationships, economics, and epidemiology.According to an article in MPR, Baxter announced a voluntary recall of two lots of 0.9% Sodium Chloride intravenous (IV) solutions due to potential particulate matter.The particulate in each case was an insect following a customer complaint. The solutions are indicated for use as a source of water and electrolytes; the 100m L MINI-BAG plus container can also be used as a diluent for reconstitution of some powdered drug products. The recall is being initiated as a result of two complaints (one per lot) of particulate matter that was identified as a fragment of the frangible from the vial adapter. Recall of Two Lots of Sodium Chloride Injection, USP Due to the Presence of Particulate Matter As published by the FDA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 11, 2014 – DEERFIELD, Ill. announced today it voluntarily initiated a recall in the United States of two lots of 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection USP in 100 m L MINI-BAG PLUS Container to the hospital/user level.Our goal is to assist you in creating the right blend for your facility - with safety, efficiency and compliance in mind.

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