Sccm collections system ou not updating real life dating

Under some circumstances, this task isn’t cleaned up and so the reinstall keeps happening [Place holder post – FULL POST write up coming shortly]

After the success of my first blog "Creating dynamic collections in Config Mgr" (most pageviews on this blog), I will write a follow-up on this item.

I tried to just stop and disable the Config Mgr client, but it would be “reactivated” again by something.

Recently at a client site I found it happening an a large number… I checked there were no push jobs running, but there was *something* causing it to repeat. There is a scheduled task created by CCMSETUP to retry if it isn’t able to install correctly on the first attempt.

The client will automatically boot in maintenance mode.

The following registry keys are used to control various aspects of Provisioning Services that will be useful to debug various issues: On the update target device check for SCCM2012under %programdata%\Citrix\Provisioning Services.

When you have different OU's for desktops, laptops & specials for meaning, create collections for that systems also.

It is also possible to bound user groups to it, which are useful for application deployment.

You can find more information from the official technet article here: is a network location on the intranet that can contain one or more devices that you want to manage.

Boundaries can be an IP subnet, Active Directory site name, IPv6 Prefix, or an IP address range, and the hierarchy can include any combination of these boundary types.

I can see the workstation is there when I just search for it, but whenver trying to add it through "membership rules", it's not appearing there so, I can't add it.


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