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But enter as a podcast devoted to "answering" the questions posed in Yahoo! ("An advice show for the modern era.") Seven years later, they preside over a small empire of podcasts: Each Mc Elroy co-hosts a podcast with his wife, they've turned a game of Dungeons and Dragons with their dad into a wildly successful and engaging radio story (.

In the series, the Mc Elroys use their hometown of Huntington, West Virginia, as an arena to answer questions and engage in general shenanigans, including the chaotic near-destruction of Huntington's police Safety Town, a parade to raise awareness for spiders, and visits by celebrity fans like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Weird Al.

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Don t despair, though, because there are still plenty of awesome things to do in and around Denver to get to know a potential fanatic or Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast to recognize that an exhibit about unicorns, dragons and mermaids is going to be awesome.

Running though the beginning of September, the Museum of Nature & Science is putting on a sci-fi show with some pretty incredible photo opps that will serve as a truly unmatched icebreaker.

takes on a new meaning in my nephew's version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Left to his own devices, and left with a huge pile of my dice, this is the D&D variant my nephew Jack came up with. The backstory: The adults were talking boring adult talk, and lacking fun toys for my two nephews, I let them delve into my cache of plastic figurines and old D&D dice.

Griffin: If there's a throughline for things that are commonly said to dudes on "how to be a man," most of it is shitty behavior. So I can't think of much advice that we give that's like, "So if you want to really be a man..." We're much more concerned with just being decent and being good first.

Travis: And it's not "be decent because a real man is decent." Be decent because you're a human and there are other people around you in this world and the things you do have impact on other people.

If you like experimenting with new cuisines, don t miss Jozi s Kitchen, a permanent staple at the fest serving South African specialties.

If you re looking for an evening date, the Friday Night Bazaar has a similar setup and is a great way to kickoff the weekend while meeting singles in CO.

How do teenage boys, in all their sloppy, rude glory, learn how to grow up into empathetic, sensible men—without getting ensnared in the many traps laid out by, say, predatory groups on the internet?

It's rare to see questions like these that even obliquely deal with the topic of modern masculinity tackled in honest, healthy ways, especially with the patience needed to handle a genuine journey of maturity.

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