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Speed Datiting is an easy way to expand your options - meet 12-17 people in one evening, the people that are focused on dating and came to our event to meet someone like you3.

Moscowspeeddating ru

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Speed Dating is conducted in a comfortable atmosphere of a stylish downtown restaurant near metro station5. The whole speed dating event takes about 2-2,5 hours.2.

Speed Dating organizers can help you with any questions on directions and the event itself. At the beginning, our English-speaking hostess will help you with any questions and orders you a drink.3.

HSE is one of those rare universities open to everyone. In order to help people gain a better understanding of the university, HSE began hosting HSE Day in 2012, and the event has taken place every autumn since.

Thanks to this celebration, anyone interested is able to immerse themselves in HSE's fascinating university life.

So instead of wasting a whole evening on a dud partner why not go on loads of two-minute dates and then take the pick of the bunch home with you - assuming that they feel the same way of course! Here’s how it works: when you arrive, we will seat you. Turgenievskaya, Ascheulov Lane bld.9 Who: Ladies 22-37yo/Men 24-42yo Call 7-926-610-1095 to register or book your ticket on-line SPEED DATING ADVANTAGES Time-efficient – ideal for singles, that lead a busy life in Moscow. Where else can you meet 20 new dates in just 2 hours? Turgenievskaya, Ascheulov Lane bld.9 17th March Saturday 6 pm: Restaurant “Exedra” m.

It was developed on the grounds that 90% of us form an opinion on someone within the first couple of minutes. At this Flirt Party you’ll enjoy speed dating but with a twist!

Not to be confused with going out with someone on amphetamines, speed-dating (in case you've yet to join us in the 21st century) is all about meeting as many people in as short as time as possible. It is not nice to date or flirt in threesome April 14th Flirt Party: Meet "The One" in Five Minutes! We invite you to join us for a fast-paced evening of meeting new singles, enjoying great drinks, and non-stop laughter!

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