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Last Name , First Name , DN , ORG (Which means...)Room, Welfare,5200, ORGRoom, Rest,5201, ORGCollections, Delivery,5202, ORGDuck, Donald,5208, ORGMouse, Micky,5209, ORGModem, Tom's,5230, ORGI2050 Phone, Jerry's,5234, ORGRabbit, Roger,5235, ORGMouse, Mini,5236, ORGBunny, Bugs,5237, ORG Before saving this file, highlight all of the columns & select the ôsortö option.

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That sent Nortel bonds plummeting by as much as 20 percent at the time, although prices have recovered somewhat since then.

The Nortel units disagreed with the rulings and appealed in Canada and the United States.

Because there is only one directory begining with "v" the system will automatically change the line to "cd/var/" if you want to go further you can add the first letter of the next directory e.g. The line will not be updated to "cd/var/opt/" you can keep going till you have the full directory path.

It's very easy to install the Corporate Directory on a Meridian V25/ Succession switch without having to use MAT or OTM etc, using the information obtained via the CPND Name block in LD 95. Using "Notepads" find & replace, it's easy to get it to find 5 spaces & replace it with 4 spaces & a ",".

I would start off going into "pdt" to navigate to where the cpdir0file is located.

I did update a guide I had previously done for the older software versions on the manual method on how to update the corporate directory.You should see this when you press return: “” or “OVL000” Then press ‘Return’ then type “LOGI”. STAD “24 11 1976 15 41 49″ = November 24th 1976 pm 49 seconds” To test it…Type: “TTAD” – (this tests time and date) Print system number TSID = print system number LD 20 CHG = CHANGE ex: Key 00 NUL = Erase config on that key CPY 1= COPY DISU = DISABLE UNIT DISC = DISABLE CARD DISS = DISABLE SHELF DISL = DISABLE LOOP ENLU = ENABLE UNIT ENLC = ENABLE CARD ENLL = ENABLE LOOP ENLS = ENABLE SHELF NEW = ADD PHONE OUT = REMOVE PHONE PRT = PRINT STAT = STATUS IDU = TYPE OF PHONE ( use to ping a phone) LUDN = LIST UNUSED DN EX: LD 11-PRT-LUDN-CUST =0 LUVU = LIST UNUSED TN TYPE 2000=DIGITAL 500=ANALOG Programming a trunk : REQ NEW, OUT, CHG TYPE COT, PAG, TIE, WAT, FEX, RAN ( Type of trunks ) TN X X RTMB XXXX ( Route number ) SIGL GRD, LOP, OAD GRD = ground start LOP = loop start OAD = outgoing automatic,incoming dial CLS DTN ( digitone ) How to add a new CLID: REQ CHG TYPE NET CLID YES ENTRY XX Programming access route: REQ NEW, OUT, CHG TYPE RDB ( route data block ) CUST X ROUT XXX ( 0-127 ) TKTP COT, WAT, FEX, TIE, DID, PAG, RAN ( Trunk type ) ICOG ICT, IAO, OGT ICT = incoming only trunk IAO = incoming and outgoing OGT= outgoing only trunk ACOD XXXX ( Access number for trunk route ) How to add a TTY : REQ CHG TYPE ADAN ( TTY ) ADAN New tty x CAB_ X (Cabinet number ) TTY TYPE SDI ( Serial Data Interface ) CDNO X ( Card number ) PORT X (Port number ) CTYP IP ( Card type ) USER MTC SCH TRF BPS 9600 ( Baud rate ) How to add a TDS/DTR card ( add time slots ): Change midnight and background overlay routine: REQ CHG TYPE OVLY SID XXXX ( System number ) BKGD XX XX ( Background overlay task, ex: ld 40 44…..You might be able to follow the guide and find out the details of your cpdir0file to see if it had recently changed.Firebird Scrambler Nortel & Avaya Meridian 1 / Succession & BCM / Norstar Programmer Website = Well, I wanted to get the automated process to work in UCM.You can also add in other CPND Names from other systems if they use Network Linked Numbering onto the same csv file. LD 95REQ PRTTYPE NAMECUST 0 CPND_LANGPAGEDIGDN ALLSHRT YES 5200 Welfare Room 5201 Rest Room 5202 Delivery & Collections 5208 Donald Duck I2050 5209 Micky Mouse I2050 Phone 5230 Tom's MODEM 5234 Jerry's I2050 Phone 5235 Roger Rabbit's I2050 phone 5236 Mini Mouse's MODEM 5237 Bugs Bunny I2004 Phone Save the file as a standard Text format i.e. The messy bit is to put in a comma "," between the first & second name & to remove any part of a name that's not required. Once you have done this it should look something like this..


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