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Harry Styles has been making the rounds performing his new solo material and is set to release his debut album this coming Friday.

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How about his ‘fling’ with Ellie Goulding, which was revealed in Ed Sheeran’s “Dont?

” From other celebs to models and everyone in between, here’s a look at all the girls NH has, quote-unquote, dated!

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction When Jasmine and one of her closest friends, Kim go on vacation, they discover that they are staying in the same hotel as the famous boy band, One Direction. "Express your, oh so clever ideas." "Shut up, Gem." Harry snaps back at Gemma. You guys are stuck in this hotel for the next 48 hours excluding concert related things." Paul walks into the room with Lux. " Louis screams and grabs Lux out of Paul's arms.

Out of all the girls in the world who are obsessed with Niall, Jasmine is the one who mana... " Niall asks as he picks my bags up from the edge of my bed. He smiles and races us through the streets of Sydney. I roll my eyes and stick my tongue out at Gemma to imitate Harry and she chuckles. " Harry cheers like a little child which makes us all burst out in laughs.

Recently, Styles and Ward were photographed driving around north London in Styles’ Audi.

On Ward’s professional website, she describes herself as a, “Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, food writer and author and food Consultant.” She then goes on to say: While running tessward.com, I work as a consultant, freelance food, lifestyle and travel writer.

The next few days flew by like a breeze, and I finally get to leave this boring place they call a hospital and go back home. "Mhm." I mumble back to him, he smiles and grabs my hand. Niall isn't that much taller than I am, but he always argues with me about it. "Let's get you back to the others." He says and I hop into the passenger's side of his truck while he throws our belongings into the back seat. **** "Well, I'm bored." Harry says as he plays with Kim's hair.

We say goodbye to the lovely nurses that took care of me and walk out of the hospital.

His cute flecked grey tee is by a relatively new brand known as Sik Silk.

But if the brand is cool enough for Niall Horan and Chris Brown too then it's definitely cool enough for our men and even better is that it's affordable.

"Ah." I breathe in the fresh, yet thick smoke scented air.


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  2. It’s the woman who’s not afraid to offer a passionate kiss, even though she’s just taken a bite of garlicky pasta.

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  4. Since you are 18 years old, you are allowed to date a woman half your age plus seven." Son looked at him and said, "Alright, Dad.

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